About ensemble

The beautiful Volga. one of the greatest world’s rivers.

is familiar to many peoples, and hardly anyone would remain indifferent
to its beauty. Over thousands of years it has been the source of tales
and legends and the inspiration of local songs and crafts.

0n the right bank, between it‘s tributaries Sura and Sviyaga.

lays the Chuvash Republic which is quite often referred

to as a Volga’s gem. For miles it is covered with ancient forests

of dusky-emerald furs and sunny white birch grows.

On both banks of the river in the valleys there are thousartds

of clear water brooks.

Chuvash soil is rich with arts and crafts. wooden. architecture

and folk poetry. It is known for its wood carving. amazing national
embroidery. delicate lace — crafts which existed in the rear

for hundreds of years and have never cleared to delight a connoisseur.
Not only the traditions and the spirit of folk’.s art have been survived
but has also survived as a basis for professional ans.

One such a company, the Chuvach State Ansamble of song and dance.
started in 1924 as a folk song choir. Conducted by Fedor Pavlov

and Vasiliy Vorobyuev it became a tireless promoter

of National folk music.

The company today is highly professional performing group whose
programme can be seen as an original cncyclopaedida of the Chuvash
people and history. These gifted singers. dancers attd musicians care
full collection folk songs and music and presenting their collection

on numerous stages in this country as well as abroad.

On their performances they cany the story of their talented

and hospitable people and love to their land. The company visited Italy.
Gemtany. Poland. Checkoslovakia and Hungary.

where they were warmly welcomed.

The Chuvash State Ansamblc of song and dance has a number

of awards. It is a winner of the all Union competition

of professional ansambles of the All Russia competition of professional
song and dance ansambles and folk groups. it holds

the Chuvash State award named after K.V. lvanov.

The artistic director and conductor of the company Yuriy Vasilyev.
who has been leading the company for twenty years.

as well as its choreographer Alexander Angarov. ,
are both dedicated to Chuvash National Heritage. They are both
merited Artists of Russia and Chuvashiya and both hold

the Chuvash Republic award, named after K.V. Ivanov.

These two men are successful in their creative work as likemintled
people who share not only common views but also a sense

of cooperation and mutual respect. They inspire their company

in its collective effort to look for new artistic

forms which glorify the soul of Man.

The company‘s programme is varied and exciting.

It ranges from songs. folk dances and sconce to national games
and orchestra pieces creating a kalleidoscopic colourful picture.
“Come visiting us”. a welcoming composition which invites

the audience into the charming world of Chuvash music singing
and dancing is followed by a sccnce of traditional gatlterings

at leisure. by a merry “Wreath of Chuvash limericks“.

slow “Spring round dances”. temperamental “’l‘unki-Tunki”,
ecsences of traditional “Wedding“ and holiday Camaval.

The programme incl utles a cascade of dances representing various
themes and scenes of Chuvash life:

digni?ed “Dances from the village of Timersyani”. ?ry “Bravo men”.
catching “Batyr rhuthons”.

tender and humorous “Some old man”. elegant “Karia”

and a daring “Russian dance”.

There is more to see in the progntnnne of course and our popular
saying is “It is good to hear but to see is better”.